233,46 m²


Tasarımcı: Emine Türemiş

Gastrobar Nomad is part of the Delo coworking project. Initially, the site of the gastrobar was supposed to be a coffee shop – a place where coworking residents could relax, hold a business meeting or work with a laptop. But when chef Vladimir Shepelev joined the team, plans changed. The restaurateur’s team developed the general concept of the gastrobar, from which we started when creating the design.

Concept NOMAD = TRAVELER = PIONEER. Gastrobar is a point of attraction for a special social category of people who have gained freedom thanks to modern technologies. Since ancient times, wanderers have discovered new lands, traditions and cultures of other peoples, shared their experience, which is expressed in the taste of food and drinks, communication between people, their habits and manners. Historically, it was travelers/discoverers who told the world about him. And the concept of the gastrobar was born from the idea of creating a place for modern nomads. A place that would combine tradition and innovation, where a person would feel free from stereotypes and be ready to discover something new.

Working on the interior of the gastrobar, we sought to tell this story through design. We used the principle of a modern museum, in which the interior is just a background for the exposition, and a special light reveals the beauty and shape of objects. The decoration is simple, even a little ascetic. The main texture is concrete: a bar counter, self-leveling floor and decorative plaster on the walls. Part of the walls is decorated with concrete teeth. Against the background of a neutral finish, every detail of the interior looks more expressive. Carved decorative doors, brass lamps, natural wood, leather in the finishes of chairs.

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